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Shebly GT-H Hertz car rear end differential take off SALE!


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Hey Guys and Gals,....


Available through any Shelby dealer are the Hertz GT rear differentials (8.8) with GT 3.55 gears. Bill Heim did the math and with your 5-speed trans gearing the final drive gear equates to 3:73 performance.


This is a must for any of you guys that are going to Supercharge your beast! Through participating Shelby dealers, we need to make some room so we are going to blow them out CHEAP!


While supplies last for this quick liquidation sale, price is $850 plus our shipping is $50 to your door! Call your local Shelby dealer for details.



Kits includes a completely assembled GT rear end "Hub to Hub". No brakes and suspension included.

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Hi Jason,


Some questions regarding the GT-H rear end, are they limited slip, what kind of warranty, if any, comes with it and does it count toward the completed CS6?


With the 3.55 gears this is a manual transmission GT rear end (the auto GT comes with 3.31 gears as does both the manual and auto V6) Will this rear end bolt up to a V6 automatic drive shaft?.

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Yes, to my knowledge all GT's came with limited slip. 90 day warranty against manufacture defects. Yes, it absolutely counts towards a Stage III complete car.


I havent hear that there was a gear change from Automatic to Stick. Yes it will bolt up but there is a spacer you need. Ill get Gary to post the part #. I believe he said it was off a Ranger.


Guys, Sale ends today!

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Well I took the plunge and have ordered the 8.8 rear end from Hillbank. :D I'm looking forward to the difference in acceleration the 3.55 gears will make on my heavier convertible.


I'm still a little confused on the drive shaft to rear end connection. I am planning on replacing the OEM drive shaft with a PowerHouse aluminum unit, so I contacted them about the OEM to 8.8 connection question and they said I'd would need to change the pinion flange on my GT rear to a 03-04 cobra flange, but Jason, you say all I need is a spacer from a Ranger. :blink:


Well, one way or another, we'll get the thing hung and on the road. ;)

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