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Shelby Charger


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When my family moved to the USA in 1995,


our first car was a few hundred bux pass-me-down from my uncle:


Shelby Charger: Silver with Blue sticker work. (it only came in two colors, the other version was Blue with Silver stickers)


I believe it was a 1984 model or so.


Pretty neat!


--Russ :blink:


sorry i lied... it was an 83.5 Shelby Charger in Santa Fe Blue and Silver stripe...

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my dad walked by as I was posting the pic and he smirked "thats why we never owned a dodge again"


when we got the car it had a slew of problems that just kept on piling up, from a simple clutch failure to shreaded belts and whatnot.


but I guess it looked cool for its time.



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Robin you seem to know alot about Shelby Dodges, I used to own a 85 GLH I really miss that car it was a real sleeper, I still own my 87 GLHS it lives next to my 60 Shelbys and my 07, We had a really active club here in WI late 80s, I keep all of my factory tour photos road tests, and press kits. Pete Mill at Shelby Automobiles was very nice to work with made sure we had anything in reference to new Dodges. I just love when my friends look at my Shelbys and then look at Dodge and tell me it is not a real Shelby I then show them the factory photos and my picture with Carroll and myself at front door in Whitter you should see the looks, Take care Bruce

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I am still a student in the world of Shelby. But I do pick it up and retain it fairly well. I have owned an 87 GLH-S and an 89 CSX. Before those I had an 88 Daytona Pacifica. I currently own a 16 valve Chrysler TC. To keep these cars in good working order you end up doing a lot of research.


Good to hear from a true Shelby enthusiast, Take Care Bruce!



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