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CS6 Installation


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Ok. I saw my first GT500 yesterday and fell in love instantly. Was shocked when I found out that the person paid $17k over MSRP. I guess it is the price of exclusivity. I have loved Mustangs all my life and I am looking at purchasing my first. After I saw the new GT500, I started doing some research. I have a couple of questions.


1. With pricing for the 2007 Mustang Convertible running at $25k and the CS6 package running at $15k, what can I expect for installation charges?? Obviously they will vary from place to place, but just an estimate.

2. What are the performance differences between the GT500 and the CS6??

3. Opinion Question - Does the price difference and performance difference between the GT500 and the CS6, justify a choice between one or the other?


Thanks for your help,


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For a good estimate of installation charges you can contact one of our dealers (http://www.shelbyautos.com/dealers.asp) or print out the parts list and take it to your local race shop to see what they'll give you for a price.


There are major differences between the GT500 and the CS6. First, the GT500 has a supercharged 5.4L V8 and the CS6 has a supercharged 4.0L V6 so there is a huge difference in power. The GT500 is also a production car and the CS6 is an upgrade to an existing Mustang V6.


Obviously there would be very different reasons for buying the GT500 vs. the CS6, cost not being the least of your worries. Like anything, you have to shop it and see which one is right for you. We'd like to see you in anything with the Shelby name on it. :)


-Rich Sparkman

Shelby Automobiles, Inc.

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Hi-performance clutches for the V6/CS6 are available at:



The owner says they are in stock now.

The stock clutch was made for a 210hp engine and increasing the power by 2/3 is beyond the design limits of the clutch (which was actually reduced in size from the 2004 and earlier V6s).

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