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Phoenix to the Grand Canyon in a GTH


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Had a fantastic weekend. Rented a GTH in Phoenix.


Looks great in my driveway.






#67 of 500




Lots of good road. Freeways, 2 lane blacktop, and curves. Spent the night in lovely Sedona.

The Shelby GTH is a great drive. Put your foot down on an open stretch and I guarantee it will put a smile on your face. I think the 330 hp rating may be conservative for insurance purposes.

The sound is fantastic! Shebly really know what we want a car to sound like. If you rent one of these you will have to answer questions because every where we parked it drew a crowd. Trucks blasted their horns when we past. Cars would pull along side (when we let them) to take pictures from the camera phones.











The next day off to the grand Canyon via a very small part of Route 66.





I won't bore you with the unimportant stuff but we did see somethings that were almost as pretty as the GTH.




2 days. 570 miles. 1300 ft to 9000 ft elevation. Good open road and a Shelby Gt-H. It was a blast.


Amy and Rich, tell Carroll he was right on the money.

"That's what I call a rental car"




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wow!!! that is great and the pics are cool!!! thanks for posting. We at Shelby are glad we could deliver the goods on this one :)




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OK, thats not fair. Here the rest of us are drooling on our keyboards while your out in a GTH. Thanks for the great photos. B) Mark




Very cool! we will be starting a section for the GT-H and everyones experiences.... cool,




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Hello Amy

I sent Rich an email suggesting such a section as I thought it would be interesting.


Hey while you are still making them, how about making 501 and I'll buy it.

What do you want for it? (please be reasonable as I am grabbing the ring)


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