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Shelby Bodies


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Can anyone tell me If I can get just a Body from Shelby for my own chassis





I am sure Amy or Gary can answer this better than I, but I would GUESS, that they MAY be able to help you if you have a CSX chassis (or possibly a KMP), but that most of the other makers chassis' are not based on the 4" round tube design like the CSX (and KMP's) are. Most of the other guys use a square frame and they don't just drop onto those chassis'. Also, unless I am mistaken (which is quite possible), the CSX number resides on the chassis and not on the body - so why not go with the body of the other guys chassis which is designed for that particluar chassis.


Regarding whether it makes sense for them to sell it to you is a business decision that I wouldn't want to speculate on.

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