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More info on CS6 Shelby/Paxton Supercharger


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I'm in the process of deciding on a supercharger system to add to my 2005 V6 Mustang, and I wanted to know if detailed information of the Shelby/Paxton system is available anywhere?


I know Paxton and Vortech are sister brands, and the kit appears quite similar in the photos i've seen to the Vortech unit for the 4.0L currently available. (though one magazine photo seems to show the charge cooler under the hood having a trim mounting plate on the front extending to the radiator shroud which is lacking on the Vortech)


Where can I find info on exactly what is included in the kit, what (if any) other differences exist between the Shelby/Paxton and Vortech kits?

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Well, the level of (non)response here was certainly helpful in my decision to go with a different S/C system.....




All items for the shelby kit are listed on this site, http://www.shopshelby.com/cs6parts1.html


As for the Paxton and Vortec superchargers, the paxton is exclusive to Shelby only and has more power then the Vortex.




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