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Facing reality


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Well, after getting the gouging at the dealer, I am facing the reality that I cannot afford the GT-500 after the markup. The CS6 is nothing close to the "authentic" certified Shelby -- but it's my only option if I want to suprise my family before its too late. I've been thinking it over and I guess it won't be that bad. It won't be the same -- but it's better than nothing.


That said, I wondered if the parts are shipping on a fairly decent schedule or if they are backordered. If I order a kit, how long would it take the parts to arrive? Obviously the plan is to get a '06 V6, but does it matter what options I pick with the car? I'm obviously going to have someone else do the work on the supercharger because I'm not a professional by any means. But the rest I may do with some help if I can talk some of my friends into coming over and lending me a hand.


I honestly would rather have one of these that was assembled by the professionals there at Shelby autos, but my guess is that you'll be distributing these through dealers as well -- and there is no doubt that they will mark these things up considerably and gouge people just like they did with the GT-500. Any advice on this end would be appreciated as well. Thanks.

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I do love the look of the CS6. It just doesn't hold the same sentimental value that the GT500 would have.




Titus, the CS6 will have parts available in June. We will have a distributor network and the pricing should be stable. the great thing about the gt500 and the CS6 is they are both Shelby's. :) so both choices are good.




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