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This winter I spent some time reading about Mr Shelby and the cars he created. I can never get enough of the stories that go with this modern day legend. I thought I would share three of the books I liked. All are available from Motorbooks Inc. I bought mine at Barnes & Noble.

  1. #1 Cobra, The Shelby American original archives. By Dave Friedman. lots of cool Cobra photos and facts. Very good book.
  2. #2 Shelby Mustang : Racer for the street. By Randy Leffingvieh. Cool photos and facts about the GT350 & GT500
  3. #3 The Cobra in the barn. By Tom Cotter. A story book about a Cobra and other special cars that were lost or hidden away and saved.

I hope you guys like these as much as I did. B) Mark

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