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Mustang GT and CS6 package?


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Is there any reason that the CS6 package would not be compatible or desireable with the GT Mustang?



Some of the CS6 components aren't compatible with the GT. The fascia is built to V6 specs along with the upper grille. The supercharger is specifically for the 2 valve V6 engine. The spring rate in the suspension package for the CS6 is different than that for a GT, too.


You can get the fascia and upper grille from our kit and put them on your Mustang GT and they'll work fine. The dimensions of the upper grille are different from the V6 to the GT, so you'd have to get both in order for it to work on your GT. Vortech sells a very nice supercharger for the 3 valve 4.6 L motor.


So, yes it's possible to put most of the CS6 components on your Mustang GT. Just give us a call at 702-942-7325 and we'll be as helpful as we can.

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