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gas tax

saigon john

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Gas gussler tax on the GTO automatic is 1300.00 and I would guess the Shelby would have to be a little higher.


If you have time perhaps you could search the new Chevy Z06 websites for a window sticker and see what the tax is on that car. Again my guess is that the Shelby would be between the GTO and new Z06.

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Unadjusted MPG (combined)* Tax

at least 22.5 No tax

at least 21.5, but less than 22.5 $1000

at least 20.5, but less than 21.5 $1300

at least 19.5, but less than 20.5 $1700

at least 18.5, but less than 19.5 $2100

at least 17.5, but less than 18.5 $2600

at least 16.5, but less than 17.5 $3000

at least 15.5, but less than 16.5 $3700

at least 14.5, but less than 15.5 $4500

at least 13.5, but less than 14.5 $5400

at least 12.5, but less than 13.5 $6400

less than 12.5 $7700




I found this info on the web.


The MPG on the Z06 is 16 City / 26 Highway. For a combined adjusted MPG of 22.653, so based on the table above, it would not be taxed. MY guess at the GT500 would put us in the $1700 range.

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