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07 GT Hood Scope with engine cover


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Ordered new California Special with GT appearance package.

wondering if how hood scope will deal with weather issues and if thats why they have the engine cover.

Anyone know if the scope is open and if that engine cover solves any weather issues. Will it cause a heat issue? I'm in the northeast and the car will be outside, wondering when it snows etc or summer traffic will that engine shield casue it to overheat.



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Yeah they did that to the last fox bodies that pissed me off u see a v6 stang go by with a scoop and its solid with honey combs but the Gt was open Y ford dident cut the new ones out is beyond me, makes no sense its a performance vechile u dont have to connect the intake to it at all just cut it open for the sake of looks and it would prob release some temps under the hood.

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