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GT 500 Times: 0-60 1/4 mi.


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I saw in one of the other forums some talk about impressive times for the Shelby in the 1/4 mi.


I was wondering what has lead to all of the numbers and how far off they are. Could it be any or all of: Drive, conditions, tuning, pre-prod. car, what else?


Here is what I have collected so far:


Mag - 0-60 - 1/4 mile time & trap spd.


Motor Trend - 4.5 - 12.7 sec @ 116 mph

Inside the Oval - 4.3-4.7 - 12.25 - 12.9 @ 113-117mph

Hot Rod - 5.1 burning the wheels - 12.9 @ 111 spun hard at launch & no power shifting (not really tuned)

Car & Driver - 4.5 - 12.9 @ 112 mph



Not a ton of difference and multiple factor at work no doubt but rumors of 12.2's and 4.25 are floating around. The Steeda Q 525 is running 11.7's or something with about the same HP and the 500 HP BMW M6 supposedly ran better times according C&D...and they reported it weighs 12 pounds more. Could these be bias reporters, bad tuning, or what else? Any other numbers reported would be interesting to see too.



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