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I would like your input! WHICH GRILLE WOULD YOU CHOOSE???


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Hey Shelby Fans, (Including all my CS6/8 friends)

I was pondering modifying my SGT billet grille to a CS6/8 grille and wanted to get some of your input.

As some of you know I used to own a bitchin white & blue CS8 and the one thing I really liked about the CS6/8 was the front fascia, grille and hood. I was digging around in the garage and found all the components to build up another CS6/8 grille-PIAA lights, letters and front grille and insert. So... should I sell the parts on ebay or build another grille and install it on my SGT? The beauty of this mod is that I can remove it anytime later on. But quite frankly I really do like it. I photoshopped a picture of what the mod would look like before and after to help you in the visual dept. So whats you spin :headspin: on this? Should I go for the change or no? :redcard: -FB






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GT grill, I don't like the small fogs.



I second that notion. Don't really care for the little lights. Other grille has more of a classic retro look.

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