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Who will be charge of posting pics & video?????


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I'm not in charge, but I am personally going to try putting a clip video after I get back, but I don't know if I will be able to post HD videos here. HD uses MASSIVE file space, but the pictures are breathtaking.


I even tried to rent a helecopter to do a track flyover on Saturday, but concluded there just isn't any time to do that and partisipate in the events at the sametime so I scrubbed that idea. But I am bringing camera mounts for the car!

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I too plan on taking lots of vids and pics but the video takes a long time to render so it will likely be a couple of weeks after I get back before I can get them online.

I have 2 Flip video recorders that will fit in my shirt pocket. Each is good for 1/2 hour of video. So I will get 1 hour of short clips. and a few photos. :hysterical2:

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Adam has already started posting pictures of the adventure:




And will be updating his blog each day as the events progress:








Found his post:



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