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Why why ohh why

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IF you know me personally you know I can't keep my big mouth closed when I see a cobra driving around in the streets... not to mention how crazy I get when I see an 03/04 because I just love them that much. NOw being 16 with no car yet, and know that this is my favorite well it kills me to see a video like this!




Kinda feel :doh: like this :fan:

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I am amazed how people get videos of stuff like this.


:idea: Hey should I ask Robert how this is done after all he is the :ninja: The song too much time on my hands comes to mind.


Bet the kids in the white SUV needs to clean out there shorts :fan:

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An old video but thought I'd comment.

Seems like some folks just have no sense, but then again, maybe this was a malfunction of the gas peddle getting caught in the carpet? A known recall item for the Terminators.



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