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Canadian SVT Charge

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Apperantly, there has never been such a charge before.


I've heard of many people saying they are getting hit for $500,

if it is a legitimate fee, then it should be a standard set rate, should it not??? :sos:


Then, howcome my guy wants to charge me $1000??? :rant::fan:


I feel like it is just markup in disguise. :finger:


Anybody have any insite into this??? :shrug:




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It costs the dealership to sell SVT vehicles and to qualify their salesmen and techs for these vehicles.

It seems that your dealer wants to recoup his expenses by passing this on to you - over and above the included mark up for this car. It would be his option and yours IF and HOW MUCH it happens. But with the current frenzy over these cars, he may be able to find a long list of those willing to pay this fee in order to get a car.


Just my .02

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