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Confermation from the Wynn ?


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I haven't been contacted yet, and I don't believe that anyone else has been either. I do know that both Sharon and Robert are or were out of town for a while so maybe that's why things have quieted down a bit about the bash for the moment. But I woudn't be too concerned, as I'm certain that we'll all be contacted in due time.


If you're on the list, you're locked in and that's all that matters!


Man, I can't wait for this. We are really going to have some fun and hopefully generate some great memories in the process!

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Has anyone been contacted by the Wynn ? I want to stay extra days and get that setup.



You know it's a busy time of year there. In fact, I will be there December 26-29th for a trip already planned several months ago to meet some friends. In any case, you COULD make a reservation anywhere on the strip and cancel out of Wynn does not come through. Better that then trying to find a room when you get there. Try the Las Vegas Hilton that's off of the strip. Make sure you hit Quarks for some food.

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