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Hi there members this is my store of the arrival on my shelby. Thursday nite at midnite I went to dealership I had a feelinf it was there,turn in and all I see is white strips there it is.Could not sleep after that up at 4:00am. Went drink coffee with the usual friends . At Dealership at 7:30 am,everyone around coffee pot one said we can go test drive the shelby. I walk in and said I don"t think so I own it and will PDI also. Well everything went find I was nervous as a whore in church.That car made my inside shake all day heart was pumping hard all day.Told the wife if I make it through today I should live a little longer.This car is more than I ever dreamed about.Sorry I posting so late,had to go out of town with wife to celabrate 25 years of marrage.Also came home this after noon and jump in the car and went cruising for 3 hours.Well I can say I drove it like I had stole it form the dealership until we left to go out of town.Everyone in this forum kept saying It worth the wait and just to tell you it is very much so.You drive around and people give you thumps up and strare at this car.If you stop at a sore they flock to see if is a real shelby.I would like to thank all fellow members that have help me throught this Awsome car THANKS YOU FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!













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