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Ford SVT changes website color options for 08 GT500


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I guess they finally decided to add the Red Stripe appearance package to the options for the 08 cars.


The only problem is, it looks horrible on the website. My guess is they just digitally added the red stripes to a black and white vert...


I would have been pumped to see exactly what my car will look like, but instead I got that~ check it out at


www.svt.ford.com and choose colors. :waiting:


Am I right? or am I being obtuse? :hysterical2:

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I think your Obtuse?? :finger: Well maybe......uuhhh just a little....What the hell "Obtuse" :hysterical2::hysterical2:


its a quote from the movie shawshank redemption...


Its also my way of being clever with my little round emoticon.. :headspin: this would be intverted obtuse :hysterical:

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