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Good news/ Bad news


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Well I am very excited. Changed out the steering wheel tonight. The carbon fiber GT500 retrofit looks pretty good. Not really a big deal at all. Just a little time and patience along with following the tech bulletins on proper removal of the air bag and steering wheel. That's the good news.


Here are some before and after pics:



















Now the bad:


While I'm changing the steering wheel I look down near the drivers front fender on the garage floor and find a puddle under the directional light. :headscratch: Thought it may have been water but I'm thinking from what? I have not had the car out except for a short ride to Tasca Ford on Thursday.


Looks like the Whipple Intercooler pump connections have loosened and are leaking fluid. Both the radiatior and intercooler tanks are low on fluid. Need to check more tomorrow. I'm also going to pull the dipstick, just in case. Seems like for the small amount of fluid on the floor there is much more missing from both tanks. This might not be a good thing. Got to get it checked fast. This cars is going to Vegas in 3 weeks :drop:

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You know Dan, I hold the wheel most of the time in the 3&9 positions so for me not much change. It does have subtle finger grooves in the Carbon Fiber on the rear so it gives you some grip area. Not as soft as the leather but a solid feel.

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