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DEARBORN – 29 May 2006



Bill Ford, President of Ford Motor Company, called a press conference late on Monday afternoon regarding the pricing of the soon-to-be-released Ford Mustang Shelby 500 GT.


There has been much speculation regarding an MSRP for the retro-hot rod Mustang by both media types and muscle car enthusiasts ever since Ford announced plans to build the car.


At the press conference, Ford said, “Regarding the MSRP for the Shelby Mustang, we have spent a great deal of time and effort researching this important decision. We know the impact it will have on our faithful, and patient, Mustang buyers. I’m pleased to announce we will, indeed, give the Shelby an MSRP. I hope this clears up all the speculation once and for all.”


After the announcement, Ford took no questions from the assembled members of the media.


Knot A. Clue, press spokesman for the Shelby project, did tell the reporters that he was “very relieved” by the decision.





:happy feet:

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I know. I"m like all of us here. Tired of waiting.


I just thought I'd get a rise out of some of us!


This deal has become far too - stressful.


I really have a hard time trying to understand what "they" hope to gain by waiting so long.


I"m sure some of "them" read Shelby forums.


Don't they count the beans before even starting a project like this?


Just trying to ease the tension a bit here. :happy feet:

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And after all of the kind stuff I said about you earler. Is this how you thank us? Forget it, I take back what I said, you don't deserve this car! Man, are you cruel... :banghead:

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We should start a pool for when they will announce the MSRP! I'm sticking to my prediction of 4:59pm tomorrow afternoon. Can't get any closer to the "end of the month" than that!!


After that, more waiting before I get behind the seat... I'm predicting that to be the day of the first snowfall...hmmm, Nov 15th seems like a good time for the Northeast. I hope I'm wrong 'cause I'll trailer it home. Though I plan on driving it a bunch, I won't when the roads are covered with snow and salt. At that point, more waiting for the weather to break! Geez, just give me the :censored: car now!!

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well - there are worse things, Jesse!


As long as I'm taken, that's what really counts, eh?


Yep, creditablity on the internet ranks pretty low.

Don't worry about me, I won't hold you to it.


On another note, I accepted a deposit on my Mach 1 from a former Bullitt owner. It's not that I wanted to get rid of my Mach 1, I really never expected to be one on the list whom actually got a Shelby GT500; and at MSRP. It's nice to know my Mach 1 will find a good home. Also, it will make writing the big check easier.



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