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GT-H # 100 Convert?


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I don't know where the #100 convertible is, but I'm excited to learn where the 06 #100 car is. I guess you got it at Brighton Ford? I was trying to get it from them but didn't get the right price. I was the first or second renter of that car at DIA. See the article I wrote on this car here:

Article on #100

I still want this car someday, so keep my info for if you ever want to sell it. I already let it get away from me once!


P.S. I got Carroll Shelby's signature last night on a 1:18 scale 2006 Hertz Shelby at the Boulder Collection Christmas Party.

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Thought you might want some of the history on your car.

Other pics of your car:

#100 Photos



Hi Jeff,

That must have been a fun trip to DIA for the car and car show. Was that a picture of a rental agreement on the engine. Nice pictures. Did you by any chance take some pictures of the other cars from DIA. One of my GT-H's was at DIA for a few months, Serial # 235. Do you happen to get any pictures?If so , would you mind posting them?


Thanks, TomG


Previous owner GT 350 H # 6S0671

Current Owner GT-H

# 016

# 206

# 235

# 386







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If I end up with it I will let you know. Anyone else looking for a particular # let both me and Michael Morris know in advance. Thanks

Dennis Davis



Well, I have 07XL0017 40th Anniversary Shelby GT500, I guess it would be pretty cool to have a GTH vert with CSM 07H0017. Let me know.




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I went through all my photo's. The three that were at the '06 Rocky Mountain Mustang Round-up were 100, 103, and 094. I know that I saw 235 at the airport at some point, but I can't find any pictures.

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