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Because SA owns this site, and Robert owns the other one.


Come join us there Tim, as I'll be spending quite a bit of time there too, or at least I should since Im a moderator on that forum!:shoppingcart_:



Hmm, since I am getting a 2013 BOSS, my question really is, will it matter which is better? After all, the GT350 is the original Shelby performance mustang, and the BOSS is the original Ford performance mustang. Having both makes it a moot point!:sing_rain:

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Looks Good but, why do we have to log in and why doesnt our usernames and passwords work?




If you had an account on StangsUnleashed before it became Team Shelby (prior to November 2007) your user name and password will work on the Boss302.com and BossMustangPerformance. The database is from the November 2007, so if you changed your login or password after that and cannot remember, you need to do a lost request on the web to renew it.


The three sites each operate on different databases.

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