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OK, I give up. It really IS too cold here to race!


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Alright, I know, I shouldn't have even made the trip north to WI to Great Lakes Dragaway. 140 miles roundtrip for nada, zilch, nuthin'.

Don't get me wrong, it was cool to see how much power it makes on a 40 degree day with another Jon Lund tweak. During the 30 minutes or so that the sun peeked through, the track was actually at around 45 degrees. Clouds rolled in and that's all she wrote.


You'll love this:


RT .180 (.000 is perfect there)

60' 2.227 (with or without traction control....NO sticky! Not much of a burnout, but it wouldn't have mattered)

330 5.799

1/8 8.422

mph 95.30

1000 10.642

1/4 12.271

mph 123.76



I feathered it in 1st and 2nd and still broke loose in 3rd. Frustrating.


That said, she was making BIG power. In a perfect world, that's an 11.10 but life isn't perfect.


OK.....time to put her away.




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You could start to take up drifting! :happy feet:


I was....but certainly didn't mean to! It's that ugly feeling of the butt stepping out as you hit 3rd at around mid track. Cha-cha-cha :happy feet:




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