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Show pictures of the mods you have done

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I haven´t been able to find much detailed info about the specifics of the mods that is offered by Shelby. Mayby you get that at the dealerships?


I would really like to see close up pictures of the modifications you have done to your SGT. I would also like to hear feedback on the quality of workmanship from the Shelby modshop.


I´m especially interested in pics of the se mods, but all are more than welcome


* Engine with Paxton upgrade + picture of Shelby plate on SC

* Engine with whipple upgrade

* Brake ducts

* Dash pod SC / non SC

* Shelby/Baer big brake upgrade

* Shelby/Baer Extreme brake upgrade



Thank you


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Wow - that Paxton engine looks a lot better than I thought it would. Is that how it will look when it comes from Shelby, or have you added more parts?


I would like to see a picture of the Shelby badging of the SC if possible.


The dashpod looks great but as you also said, something should be done to the silly rear brake setup :)

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