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Does Mach I show car exist>


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Many years ago Ford had a concept car

called Mach I

It was candy apple red, had fixed pleiglass side

windows with opo open toll windows

Firestone Indy racing tires

fiared in headlights under plexiglass

big exhausts

Indy race car gas cap on roof.

My questionis, was this car cut up and destroyed

or is it still hidden at Ford?There might have

been two because I have seen both open headlamp

and closed headlamp versions in pictures

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I've never heard of it but check this sight, or e-mail Wolfgang at this sight, I find alot of cool things there and good all around mustang news, he sent me there german mustang club mag that hangs in my office, Looks very cool all in German and has an exclusive about a blue and white gt500. The site is the german mustang club, at www.ponysite.de/news.htm, check it out it great, later Mickey

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