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New movie with a Shelby


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OK, you will all need to forgive for this one...but a Shelby is a Shelby


I just saw a commercial for a new movie coming out on 12/14/07.


"I am Legend" with Will Smith...this movie has Will driving a GT500 (red with white stripes). I know this is a SGT site...but a Shelby is a Shelby. The movie looks to be a little bizaar for my taste.


The way I see it, it will benifit all of us just to have the Shelby name recognition out there.



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Looks like I am a little behind in current events.


I should watch more TV and read a few more Post.


At least I was excited for little while.


its alright i just seen the commercial for the first time also tonight !!!!


i missed the GT500 , wasn't looking at the tv at that time but the wifey said look a Shelby, and i caught the end of the commercial !!!!

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