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A Day to remember


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:headspin: :happy feet: :redcard: :snake:


Picked my 2008 Black/alloy couple on Saturday.


It was violent here on Friday with wind and rain and the heavens parted for a sunny Saturday.


My son and I took a little float plane over to Vancouver Canada and were picked up by our salesman in a new red Navigator and took us right to the back bay where the unveiling was.. I had seen 1000's of pictures by now but nothing prepared me for how good she looked in person. So wide, low, grabby, stealth, and very beautiful finishing.


I did the paperwork and off went for the maiden voyage. 18.5 k on the odo. By 28.5k the supercharger kicked in and it was a holy shit,,,let the fun begin. The acceleration and the sound,,,oh yeah,,I still have a big stupid smile.


We had a rough rush hour ride through downtown,( it seemed everyone wanted to injure my car) crazy drivers in mini vans and Mercedes. Anyway on the the ferrie where this stupid fat woman parked beside my car was going in and out of her car over and over then tried to squease her fat ass between her open door and my car,,, I nearly died,, finally she left to go upstairs and eat something or something.


Anyway a couple of great rides at home, everyone wants their test ride of course.


It has been only 5 days and I really still have to go out to the garage to see if it is real after all this build-up.

Time to relax a bit.


Thanks to all the good help and advise, this forum is great and I will continue to participate.



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Sweet looking ride.


So tell me, did your son try it out ?


Come on Dad. :D

Well Grabber I was a bit nervous but after 50k and a few good laps around Vancouver, my son took over and I have to tell you, he can drive it better than me.


What a smile on his face too,,,just priceless. The car was bought partly with sharing with my family but specifically with Nick. We will go to shows and stuff together,,just hang.


He was tutoring me on the clutch work the whole time and helped alot.


He has driven a 95 5.0 liter since he was 15 and for the last 2 years a very fast 2000 Steeda GT, he will be 20 next month.


Who do you let drive your baby?


Actually , we should start a thread, a poll on who gets to drive your car?






Just enjoy, thats whay it's here for.


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