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Ultimate Stang Challenge - In with Iceman


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My car was selected to compete in the Ultimate Stang Challenge along with ICEMAN. I am in the field right now with ICEMAN. I was hoping that you all would consider registering and giving me a vote. Maybe ICEMAN and ME will be in the ALL GT500 FINALS!!! Never know. I am up against a really nice Mustang, I need your help!!!!

It's kind of a pain to register and then vote, but I would sure appreciate any support you all can offer. Thank you all so MUCH!@!!!!


Here is where you register and then they send an e-mail to you to click a link to confirm it's a real e-mail: http://stangplanet.com/forum/register.php




Here is where you go to vote after registering: http://stangplanet.com/cmps_index.php?pageid=usc


Thanks - I'll update how I do on here if I advance past the first round......CONGRADULATIONS ICE for making it past the first round!!!!

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thanks man! Congrats on getting in too. I was vote #2 for you and already sent my e-mail out to my contacts for you as well. You have a tough round 1 too and there is one other car (the Mach 1) that looks solid in your group. I feel like I had the toughest match up in my group in the first round but you got my support!

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Ice do you know how long this challenge will be for?



From what I have been able to put together (which is limited because it seems like they are making it up as they go a little) there will be 64 cars in the first round. They are doing 8 at a time to get to the final 32. Then round 2 will go 8 a time (your bracket and mine will be at the same time.....eventually we would meet in the final 8 to determine who makes it to the final 4 I think....which if that was the case it would be awsome as i am sure lambo will pull into thais point as well. I want to see as many GT500's as we can get in the final 8 or better.


Anyway - It will be long! But we won't be going back to back weeks until right at the end. I am hoping they push the prize up from the 2500 saleen bucks too (I'd actually prefer something other than saleen) but I don't have an exact anser for you on how long it is. Figure

8 weeks of round 1 = 64 - 32

4 weeks of round 2 = 32 - 16

2 weeks of round 3 (which may get pushed into 1 week) 16 - 8

1 week of round 4 = 8 - 4

1 week of final 4 = 4-2

1 week of finals


So a friggin long time! Good news is it looks like the 2 of us (2 GT500's entered so far) are clear and into round 2 with at least Lambo yet to go. I'm hoping to see them pull some of the better people from the first USC back so we could see Farmdog and Elite1 back in....WOuld be nice if they were all in different brackets and we could shoot for a final 4 of GT500's :)

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