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Headed back to the dealer


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Well, most of you already know that I had my clutch and tranny replaced last month. And since then I have put maybe 250 miles on the new tranny.


I let the car warm up before I pulled out of the garage to go for a spin, and before driving off I had to go back in the house for I forgot something, and noticed 3 spill spots on the floor of the garage. The spot closest to the front of the car was about the diameter of a soda can, the other two alot smaller, all three obviously from drips that had to take place over a weeks time which was the time frame from my last drive.


Took the car back to the dealer were they put the car on the lift and notice that the leak is coming from the top of the tranny which had spread and splashed along the side of the tranny as well as the tunnel. The dealer put in some dye into the tranny and told me to drive the car and bring it back and once the tranny is pulled, that the dye will show were the leak is coming from.


So looks like the car will be down once more, and hopefully it is something small that just needs to be tightned or a case of to much fluid. Car will be going back to the dealer next week on a clear day.


Anyone else ever experience tranny leaks?

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Did the new one come pre-filled or did they fill it. My guess is the fill plug loose or they overfilled and maybe coming out the vent



Not sure, but I am hoping for something simple like what you stated for sure.

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