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How many build #'s are there?


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I'm really confused on the number of actual "official" build #'s assigned to the Shelby GT500's.



1st. there's the VIN# which doesn't represent production order but instead says when the car was ordered through the dealer.


2nd. there's the overall build #, which is different four coupes and for convertibles.


3rd. there's the overall color build #, which is different for each color produced.


4th. there's the red-stripe special edition overall build # which only tracks cars with the red-stripe and red color accents.


5th. there's the red-stripe special edition color build #, which separates all black and white vehicles with the red-stripe.


6th there's the Shelby Autos (SAI) build # which is assigned to conversions like the 40th Anniversary edition.



Did I get that about right or are there more build #'s I don't yet know about?


--Russ :shift:

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there's the first 50(?) produced that are numbered in the VIN(i.e. I helped sell last 5 of the VIN-00027), I THINK these might only be Coupes, but I'm not sure, as i haven't seen a list. IF there are convertibles in there, then these are then numbered by actual production, not body type.

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