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Lethal Performance is now a BGG Performance Distributor!


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Lethal Performance is proud to announce that we've just become a BGG Performance distributor. BGG Performance produces high quality 8 rib conversion kits for your supercharged mustang. In addition to that Dave Lewis the owner of BGG Performance is a well known member in the mustang community and is always out there helping others. So when purchasing a BGG 8 Rib Conversion you're not only getting an awesome product but you're showing support to a us and a fellow mustang enthusiast!






The 8 rib kit specifically falls into place here with the S197's as they suffer from several 6 rib issues. One of them being that the belt slip on S197's with Whipple, KB, Saleen and Roush blowers is very much an issue. Less surface for the belt to grab allows the belt to slip and the ultimate result is lost power. By converting over to an 8 rib setup you'll increase the efficiency of the belt system and help prevent the belt slip and power loss it creates.


The next thing we've found is the pulley/belt ratio on the S197's isn't that great. Meaning to create higher boost levels with these blowers you've got to go real small on the supercharger pulley and bigger on the crank pulley to get the boost levels up. To make 19 psi on the Whipple you're going to need atleast a 2.60" upper and an 8" crank pulley. The problem is when doing so the 2.60" upper is way to small to run with a 6 rib belt. There's just not enough wrap and belt surface to run that pulley size without slipping issues.


The answer to this is simple.. The 8 Rib conversion. Not only will you be able to now run an 8 rib crank pulley but an 8 rib supercharger pulley as well. We've got several real efficient 8 rib supercharger pulleys that work perfectly for the 8 rib setup even with a Non-Slip Ultra-Grip design for the Whipple.


So if you're sick of the belt slip or looking to make some good power by running high boost the BGG Performance 8 rib setup is the way to go.


We recently added the product to our site so please excuse the missing image. If you have any interest or have any questions on the BGG Performance 8 Rib kit please feel free to give us a call.


Thanks, Jared



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