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Private / public sections?


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Anything reguarding VIN's or warrenty issues should be private. Everything else should be as open as possible because we have seen that info is likley to come from the very furthest reaches of the hobby. JMHO of course. If we can get an inside with Ford Racing or SVT that should probably be private as well to protect that person from issues. May require some kind of legal disclaimer re disclosure etc. :censored:

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Anything reguarding VIN's or warrenty issues should be private. Everything else should be as open as possible...


Agree. Keep most open - why not share knowledge with those who can't/don't/won't get one of these great cars, but if there's a special section or 2 with "owner specific" type stuff, that should be in the paid section.

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Just a thought - wouldn't those "inside" Ford be more likely to share info with owners than just surfers?


I don't want to sound exclusionary - but I would really enjoy an area where those who own the cars can chat free from those who want to own.


I'll continue to provide support for newbies or anyone who shows interest, but it would be...cool... to be in the "club!"

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I broght up the HOG deal and it is because that is one owners group that I am a part of and it is really well done. You do pay a membershop fee each year of like 40 bucks or you can buy a "Life" membership for 250-300 or something and you're done. To get in you must provide the VIN of you Harleywhich they check with records I believe some how as they work very close with Harley on a national level then there are regional groups that are less expensive and local and help with putting on little rallys and events all are welcome to in some cases and others just for the local group. I am in Indy and we get to ride the Indy motor speedway from time to time....good God what I wouldn't give to do that a few times in one of these cars...anyway they offer all sorts of clothing, accesories etc. and eash year you get a patch and a Pin for the year or a "Lefe Member" patch and then the annual Pin. They send out a magazine called HOG Tales with pics and stories from members and other techie stuff and a few ads. They offer roadside assistance and a deal on a rental program if you travel and can't take your bike (assuming it is to a place that offers rental bikes and you have an endorsement to be legal.


Here is the web page:http://www.harley-davidson.com/wcm/Content/Pages/HOG/hog_selector.jsp?HDCWPSession=Gy0hhMLbg9mjjFKzxwPw66v0NLFJJyJ49112vrDw2wLjZXVRyzCh!-896175583!-690206939&locale=en_US


It is broken into countries and then you have all types of general info and an "Members only" section. The members section has even specific info for members (things where they wouldn't want non-owners to show up...or in some cases non owners would not want to be depending on the group). There are links to customize your bike, there is insurance discount info set up by HOG, links to local chapters of HOG, a calendar of events that are not bike specific too like the NHRA Drag nationals where they almost always all show up but it is not like Bike week or anything. Harley also offers a "Golden Key" option or they did for the 100Yr anniversary bike i got most recently that has a key chain, the 100yr anniv. log and an actual golden key engraved with VIN on the part you hold. More for show but still kinda cool for an axtra 150 bucks.


HOG is pushed at the national and local levels by the dealers because it keeps people involved and buying more merchandise, custom upgrades, etc. They throw in the first year cost when you buy a bike so you get a chance to meet the bikers at the local club meetings and get to know more people like you.


My thinking is that based on the fact that at most there will be 9K owners in year 1 it would be tough to do to much locally with this group. A national owners group would be great it would me nice if there were areas that cater to other mustang owners too and maybe a private section for Shelby owners but I believe a great majority of what would be of interest to most would need little more than a mustang owner...hell a ford owner but just for the pride of a members only section and having a place to share the joy of having one of these cars, putting up pics of the burn outs out of the driveway, talk of the specifics of custom work in some respects it may be good to have a private area, but the more open it is the more people can take part and build the desire to have one of these cars the better for anyone that has one.


Sorry for my typos and long winded answer - I hope it does the trick.

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Let's do that!!!


I like the idea of a publcation, whether paper of net for stories from owners.


I would be interested in a shirt or jacket (gotta be a cool logo, though, and be Shelby GT500 specific).


And I want something to personalize this car as being personally approved, even touched by, "The Man"!!!




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Just keep in mind that HOG is over 1 Million strong now as of 2006 so it is big business and Harley includs all makes in the group and offers "Associate Memberships" to family members so 9K if everyone participates for a Shelby is not going to have the same resources that a 1MM + owners group has. That being said many of the concepts could be the same and rather than a monthly mag. maybe a quarterly news letter or something could be designed.


I have not tinkered with cars in years but this one has really got my interest again. I wish i still had my 71 Mach 1 that I bought for $500 bucks from my auto shop teached in high school in primer...but i blew the rear main seal and locked up the engine racing on Milwakee Ave. in Chicago.....ah the good old days. Now I have a 05 v6 vert in the garage for my wife that I dive from time to time and it is a fun little car but the neighbor has a 1970 I think and he's getting a drag engine for it from one of the builders here in Indy. It will fly when done so I've got to keep up. Need the 500 horses and am really enjoying the info on upgrades that is out there. I am amazed at the bolt on power available now. To that point a news letter and/or web page with tech tips, tuning tips, etc. would be of great interest to me...including people to do some to do some of the bigger things that may actually know what the heck they are doing. It seems like 500HP should be enough, but we all know it never will be enough so i may as well plan on this being like my Harley and the cost being nothing more than the initial investment...


New wheels


upgrades to the engine

potentially custom paint


the only think i won't upgrade is the sound system because all I want is to hear the engine.


I wonder if the work is done by an approved ford mechanic if it still voids the warranty? For Harley it does not if you have them do the work on the motor.

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