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Engine Oil Cooler Radiator

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It does not.

Let me rephrase this,if you look at the oil filter adapter on a Shelby GT,It appears to have some sort of coolant circulation at the base of the filter,nothing like the GT500,But some sort of temp control,quicker warm ups for the oil?

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Here is the cooler on a GT500.


It is the block w/ the numbers.


It is located on the drivers side, I belive it is the same on the 4.6 motor.


There are no hoses or tubes, it is directly connected at the block I believe.


Bill, I know a bit about this since I helped stentgraft with his leak here. It bolts to some type of adapter, and there are o-rings between the cooler head and the adapter. Looks pretty easy to get the cooler itself off, but the adapter is another story. It appears to be air cooled only.

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