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Wet NOS 75 Shot for 05+ S197?


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In lieu of having a blower installed (at some point in the future when my wallet can withstand it) I was considering a Wet NOS system for my GT, not more than 75HP though, trying to keep the RWHP below 400 or so - anyone out there currently using NOS on a stock 05+ S197 (I'd be shocked if there wasn't)?


I was considering Zex or Pro-Flow - any suggestions or opinions, previous experiences, etc would be greatly apprecated (pros, cons, one vs. the other)?


I'm running a custom SCTX2 tune with a C&L Racing CAI, MAC LTH's w/Bassani HF Catted X-Pipe & Borla Stinger Axlebacks, FRPP 4.10 Gears.


The NOS system would NOT be frequently used - it will be disarmed for the most part since this is my daily driver.


Future mods:

- Steeda Charge Motion Control machined plates (optional tapped NOS fittings)

- Crower or Comp Stage II or III CAMs


Goal is NA 330-340 RWHP & about 400 with the 75 Shot.


On a side note - I'm running Royal Purple in my GT........was considering Amsoil but I've heard some very mixed opinions about Amsoil.......any comments?



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