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Information overload


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Well guys (girls too), I had heard nothing but dust for months since my GM said he was "putting in the order at the end of July.


Sooooo Sept 18 I send a bit of a hard email like WTF?


less than 1 hour and I get a faxed DORA and a very nice email with the info she is bucked as well and comming mid Oct.


Soon there will be another black stang on the West Coast of Canada.

This is a cool feeling going from wondering if this is real and just a crazy chase throwing money at people to hey maybe this is going to happen.


I have to go , I have a garage to drywall and paint heh heh.

I will update asap.


Oh ya this is good too, for my birthday in early Sept my wife gave me a die cast model of the beast to sooth the wait,,,,,it actually worked, I reccomend it for any one having anxiety disorders over waiting.

Mikehart out for now

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