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oil technology for the GT and beyond

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I raised the issue on a thread with Ms. Boylan re SAI recommending 5W-30 oil and Ford recommending 5W-20 oil. SAI has confirmed they recommend the 5W-30 oil. I have been in contact with Mr. Dave Mann of Performance Oil Technologies. He has given me fascinating information re synthetic oil and filters. I used to think Mobil One was the best. If anyone has questions I suggest you contact Dave by email at dave@performanceoiltechnologies.com This is a site for AMSoil and this oil has an exceptional reputation. I have used Mobil One exclusively for about 15 or more years but I will be switching so my SGT will last forever! Fascinating information about the oil used on the 800 HP Roush NASCAR engines. Dave is also an engineer for Ford. I think this information might be of use to anyone that wants their SGT to be around forever! 07SGT JTS

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