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Swapped GT Foglights for V6 Pony Foglights

Five Oh B

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Well, maybe I've gone crazy. I've been slowly working on getting my 2007 Mustang GT coupe to look more and more low-key. Ordered it brand new with the rear-spoiler delete. Picked the dullest color (alloy gray). Ordered the painted 18" fanblade wheels instead of the chromed Bullitts. Recently replaced the GT fender emblems with the pony emblems from the V6 Pony Package. et cetera.


I've kept the go fast mods hidden from sight so that I don't draw attention on the street or track. Although, a stock looking GT automatic running 8.40's in the 1/8 mile and 13.20's in the 1/4 mile does draw some attention.


Anyway, a friend of mine has an 06 Mustang V6 Pony Coupe. He bought the whole lower body kit off an 06 Mustang GT coupe last week, so I helped him install the front bumper cover and side skirts. He did not get the GT grille and foglights in the deal, and I've always liked the smaller V6 Pony foglights versus the big GT foglights, so I offered to trade him straight across. Got my GT grille/lights installed in his car easily (as we had just put in the matching GT front bumper), but getting his V6 Pony grille/lights installed in my car (using my GT front bumper) was a bit of a challenge as they are not the same size, nor do they use the same mounting points. At least the wiring for the foglights is identical between the two cars, so no wiring modification was necessary - just plug and play.


I ended up cutting off all the mounting tabs off the V6 grille, then I fabricated my own brackets to mount the V6 grille to my car. I didn't modify my car at all (just the V6 grille), just in case I ever want to revert to the GT grille/foglights. I made sure that my custom brackets would be concealed under the radiator cover so that it would look like a factory install. Had to run black rubber weatherstripping around the sides and bottom of the V6 grille to fill in the extra space (the V6 grille is smaller than the GT grille), so I used thick black stripping with a 10 year warranty (didn't want cheap crud fading or pealing soon). Ended up looking very nice when it was all done.


Here's a few pics of the end result on my GT...


post-2549-1190659270_thumb.jpg post-2549-1190659277_thumb.jpg post-2549-1190659285_thumb.jpg




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Thanks for the thumbs up, guys. I've already had some very interesting races at the local 1/4 mile dragstrip where I totally stunned the guy in the next lane (enough for them to come over and chat afterwards). Here's two of my favorite examples....


2007 Mustang GT 5-speed coupe with 435hp Saleen Supercharger kit. I beat him or went faster than him several times earlier this summer. It was his first time racing the car and learning how to launch. He came over to see under the hood. I popped the hood and showed him a totally 100% stock engine bay (down to the paper air filter from Ford). Then I pointed inside the car at the automatic shifter. He just about blew a gasket. After a few minutes of messing with him I fessed up that I had modded where you couldn't see. Raced with him several weeks in a row and he finally got comfortable enough with his car to run high 12's and beat me every time thereafter.


2006 Corvette Z06 (505hp) - bone stock. Nice mature gentleman who drag races nearly every week at our local track. First time I lined up against him I just happened to have drag radials (and he didn't). I killed him off the line with a better reaction time, beat him to the 60' and 330' timers, and we were side by side at the 1/8 mile (8.4 vs 8.6 seconds). He was actually passing me at the 1/8 mile mark and beat me badly by the end of the 1/4 mile, but I beat him so badly out of the hole that he stopped over to see how a heavy automatic 300hp GT could slingshot off the line so much better than his 505hp missle. Two different cars set up for two different purposes (mine for 1/8 mile blasts and his for road racing and top speed).


On the street, people just leave me alone. I'm invisible to the ricer crowd and police, luckily, as I don't need attention from either group. I tend to get looks and comments from the older crowds - likely because my car embodies the styling cues from the 1st generation of Mustangs that they fondly remember. But nobody expects it to be fast, so when someone does egg me on and I'm dumb enough to engage, it's always fun to blast past really quick, then hit the brakes promptly and slow it back down so they can catch up. The look on their faces are always priceless.


On a side note, I'm really surprised how easy the grille and foglight swap went and how it looks. I have been pondering the swap for quite awhile, but worried that it would be a big hassle and turn out badly. However, only had to custom fabricate a couple brackets and trim off some mounting tabs that were in the way. Nothing complicated that a quick trip to the hardware store couldn't fix. If anyone chooses to do this swap and needs help or tips, PM or email me and I'll happily help.

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