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Hi from new member 65coupe


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Hey everyone!

a quick introduction - I'm John, I live in Southampton, england and am currently part way through a full bare metal restoration of my 1965 289 Coupe.

It was imported to the UK in 1981 so has suffered the British weather for 26 years! I've had to replace virtually the whole bottom half of the car; but at least it'll be solid!

It's currently in the paintshop waiting for the final coats of Wimbledon white with blue Shleby stripes; then I can start on the engine rebuild.


Ideally, I'd like to sell my daily driver (which is a 2000 Vauxhall Vectra GSi putting out about 200bhp at the front wheels) and import myself an s197, but realistically I think that's gonna have to wait until next year. (unless anyone over there has one and is planning on coming to England soon and wants to bring their car over to sell it :hysterical2: )


I'll try to get some pics of the resto up soon, and for those of you who don't know what a Vectra is, here it is!



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Welcome John. Keep us posted on the procees with photos. Keep up the good work. It will pay off when that babay is done and you are cruzing in England. It just might be a chick magnet when you get the mustang done. Is there a local Mustang club where you are at. Are you buying parts from around England or out of state? Thanks and welcome.

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