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09-11-07: Jack Roush founded a massive company which has more than 50 buildings and nearly 2000 employees worldwide and does work for all the major US automotive companies.


Inside this empire is the well-known Roush Fenway Racing NASCAR program which, with 14 teams, is the largest motorsports operation in the world. What is not as well-known is the tremendous capabilities ROUSH Industries offers in the areas of manufacturing, engineering, prototyping, testing, engine build, and of course the vehicles and high-performance parts of ROUSH Performance.


To get an insider look behind the closed doors, simply log on to http://www.ROUSHtv.com where there are five videos available for viewing, many of which will take you into areas that cameras are normally prohibited. This site can also be found via the new tab atop the menu bar of the main ROUSH Performance web site and will be continually updated with new videos and well worth bookmarking for return visits.


ROUSH is currently developing 26 different videos which cover a variety of topics such as engine and vehicle assembly, testing procedures, manufacturing and fabrication, and of course, a general overview of ROUSH Performance.

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