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Need help, trying to find Heads, Cams, & TB for 06 GT


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Hi Im new here but I have stumbled upon your site pretty cool so far!! I have an 06 GT Tourch Red, that Ive so far created my own version of a GT500 clone, while adding some of the old with the new (namely my Dads 65 Mach 1)


Ive so far had no problem getting the car to look the way I want it to but Im falling behind on locating the following;




Acufab Throttle Body


Presently the engine it stock, other than a Predator Sport Tuner running 91 Octane Programing, a CDC Shaker hood, and Flowmaster 40 Series cat back Exahaust System.


post-5324-1147696330_thumb.jpg post-5324-1147696316_thumb.jpg post-5324-1147696261_thumb.jpg post-5324-1147696285_thumb.jpg



PS I know some might try to flame me cause Ive made a clone but I quite frankly dont care Ive loved mustangs all my life im 26 now, own my own business and worked dam hard to get this one, Ive had four mustang thus far this being my fifth. My father and I were to rebuild a 65-70 mustang together however he passed away 5yrs ago may 8th so this in a way was my tribute to my Father for being the best Father I could have asked for, I have all the main trademarks of his 65. The shaker hood, rear window louvers, hurst shifter, and Mach 1 Chin spoiler I kept the colors the same as his and even ordered it in with the Red Leather as his was (yes I know it was vynl back then no need to tell me :) ) And since my dealer cant garantee me I will get an 07 GT500 I became sick of waiting and ordered this one 8 months ago only to see it in April, It spent another two weeks after that at the dealership getting work done to it. This week I am adding the American Racing Shelby Razor rims once they arrive should be today or tomorrow from what I am told (18x9s with 295s on the back and 275s up front) I must say that this is a love affair, one that I wished I could have shared with my Father but I will like he wanted to but was unable to do with his 65 is pass this one onto my child at some point (when I have one that is) Any who thats my story of the car.


So any help in locating the rest of the parts to make me as fast or faster than the real GT500 will be a huge help!!! Thanks again. Ciao..





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There are not aftermarket 3v heads available - YET. But several head porting gurus are working on the stock heads. If you want to step up to 4v heads, there are several options from mild to wild.


Crower Has 2v and 4v cams available and is working on 3v cams - http://www.crower.com/cat/domestic/ford/mu...camshafts.shtml


Ford Racing Parts Power Packages - http://www.fordracingparts.com/performance...ncepackages.asp


Accufab - http://www.accufabracing.com/


Mustang Tuning - http://www.mustangtuning.com/


500 hp 2005/2006 supercharger package - http://www.kennebell.net/superchargers/for.../gt05-06_3v.htm



I hope this helps.

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YOur car is simpily buetifal, only word to describe it... You and your father seemed to both have amazing taste. The engine mods will nothing other then make that s-197 perfect. Hope when your done it's everything you hoped it would be. As far as fast as a gt500 your shaker hood does take up a lot of engine bay space, No kenne bell anytime soon. Im not ganna tell you to sacrifice that but definently if you have the cash, you can pump yours up to 600 at the rear wheels. No its a sentimental thing with your hood which is very understandable... SOmeone else will chime in with an alternative.

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