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GT500KR options?


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I'm wondering what options will the KR feature. GT500 owners had to face tradeoffs (nav vs. shaker 1000 & Sirius, or Shaker 500 vert now vs. Shaker 1000 vert later vs. Shaker 1000 coupe now) - that kind of thing.


Has anyone heard from a reliable source what options, if any, are going be offered? Any opinions about whether there'll be a Job 2 change with a run so small? In reference to the tradeoffs above, people who wanted a Shaker 1000 AND a convertible had no guarantees, but it ended up paying off for them to wait, since Ford figured out that Woofer bracket and those few who waited have a rare configuration with the 1000 in their vert. I guess what I'm asking is: is there going to be a "loaded" option configuration that is worth waiting for or will there be no choices even available?


Speaking of a small run, any word on exact quantites? Haven't been here in a while and it looks like Amy backed away from committing to 1000 (most recent article in the KR news section). Is that the latest or am I out of the loop?





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