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Best places to list a 2006 GT-H for sale?

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Does anyone have ideas on where to start if you wanted to list your GT-H for sale?  My 2006 is clean with 19k miles (H400) and no wrecks or accidents.  I feel like this might be a niche market and we are 18 months away from the 20th anniversary so I am on the fence about it.  On the one hand I don't need the car and on the other I feel like the value might go higher and higher the longer I can keep it in my garage.  Thoughts?

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There are good Facebook markertplace sites, even a Shelpy Performance one that might focus on those looking for and value your GTH. Other social media sites have been known to be good.  Craigslist does not appear to me to work as well as it used to for cars, especially for special editions.  There is not much that seems to happen thses days on this site.  You can try Hemmings Mgazine and the MCA "Mustang "times if you are a member.  Sometimes just marketing in your own area might bring positive results.  Good luck with the sale.

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