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RIP to a long time Shelby forum member and enthusiast


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I have not been on these forums in years. I used to be a frequent visitor back in the day. I looked up an old forum member and friend the other day I had not spoken with in years and was saddened to learn of his passing. His name was Roger Sorel. Roger was a great guy. Always helping others with questions and discussions on these boards. He also worked for Shelby Automotive at one point for a few years. I wasn't sure if folks were aware of his passing so I figured I would stop in and post and let people know. He passed away in August of 2022. I met Roger in person when he invited me and one of my sons t his home in Rhode Island. We traveled down from Maine for a Tasca Ford car show. It was huge event. Hundreds of cars were there. I had never seen so many specialty cars on one place. Roger invited us to his home so I could clean my car up before the show. And then he had an after show get together at his home and quite a few Shelby forum members attended. And he showed everyone such great hospitality. Roger was one of those people you don't seem to meet as often in today's world .Genuine and kind. Always nice and lending a helping hand. RIP Roger. 

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