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CSX10000 Cobra


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Hi Hope you all can help, maybe chip in, I am from the UK, all my life i have loved Cobras, then back in Sept 2023, i have heard Superformance are bringing out alongside Shelby a Cobra CSX10000, starting with the first 30 to be Superformance specials, and then starting CSX10031, selling in the UK, under Shelby License and with a CSX number, could someone tell me what is the difference between the CSX10000 and CSX6000, 8000 models, how are they different with the licensing, and main question, would these cars being a CSX10000 hold there value, I know a 6 million Dollar question

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You're not going to get an answer here.  Your best bet for a discussion of this Cobra series is at www.cobracountry.com if and when it ever comes back on the air.   Also at the SAAC forum.

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