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1967 GT500 Project car for sale #806

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Good morning all.
I am looking for some direction for selling my car. I am on the fence about it.
Clearly, we all know the different platforms that we could sell a car on, however, this is an absolute project car.
Hence choosing the correct platform.
I am taking a leap of faith to try this forum, hoping for the best.
Unfortunately, people have a tendency to give unhelpful criticism on forums. So I am setting the tone early if people have nothing good to say, please don’t say anything at all.
1967 Shelby GT500 #806
It is in the registry
The complete unibody is off rotisserie, all front and rear suspension and rear end is show quality and finished.
Includes the engine, transmission and 10 spoke wheels and tires and of course all of the cars parts, Gauges, full interior, body sheet metal and fiberglass parts etc.
Roller if you will…
The rest of the car will need to be finished and total assembly.
Or, I just get off my butt and finish the car, I just have no mojo left to do it.
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I would recommend that you post this on the SAAC Forum which is more focued on the classic series of Shelby vehicles of your vintage.  Lots of utstanding experts that could assist you.  There is a SAAC Northwest group.

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