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2008 Shelby GT/SC Serpentine Belt Diagram Assistance

Droptop SGT

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Good morning,

I own a 2008 Shelby GT/SC and the serpentine belt broke on me.  I've purchased a new belt and have it install with one area of the belt looking to be too close.   The area where the belt comes off the supercharger and runs down the right side of the small silver pulley/tensioner the belt is too close.   So, I want to make sure i have the belt routed correctly.  See the diagram I have added with the red arrow pointing to the area of the belt where I have concerns on how close the belt is to itself.  

Also looking for any tips on adjusting that small tensioner below the supercharger that rides on the left side of the belts where I have concerns.  I know this section of the belt is normally close so if someone has the specs on how much space should be between the belt that would help as well.

Area of concern.jpg

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