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06H303 Automatic to Manual Conversion?

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Hi All

New to this community, I've inherited my fathers 06H303 Mustang GT-H.  He was the original owner, a Hertz executive for 38 years and purchased this new in 2006. I plan to keep the car as I know that's what my dad wanted, but the automatic transmission is not for me.  Is it possible to convert it to manual transmission, or being more of a collector car, is it better to just keep it stock and don't mess with it?

He never wanted to modify anything on the car, if I modify anything I'd like to keep it all Shelby parts, maybe wheels, exhaust, and suspension, but I don't want to take away from the car.

What are your thoughts?

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 06 Hertz cars have been getting good money lately - leave it alone.


It's a shame.  10 years ago the predecessor to this forum before it got screwed up and drove everyone away - would have been abuzz with adivce (both pro and con) and maybe even some help in doing the conversion.

A compromise would be to keep all of the parts needed to do the conversion.  For sure the center console is going to have to be changed.  The rest of the parts like transmission and mounts should be available from Ford. 

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Thanks for the reply @twobjshelbys.  I'll just keep everything stock, not worth it to change it up.  See if it generates any interest in a sale at my local cars and coffee here in Maryland.  Doing some more research I see my dad could have ordered it from Shelby as a manual at the time he ordered his, its a shame he didn't, that would have made it even more rare.

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