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'08 Shelby GT/SC Whipple Air Box


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I know that I have read somewhere on the forum people asking about the stock airbox and switching it out for the Cold Air style like what was put on the '07 Whipple kits.  Now that we are 14+ years down range from when they were converting these at SAI while they were being built......    Is there a Cold Air intake available for the Whipple kit that can take the place of the factory looking one?  If there is, will a retune be needed?  or should I just leave the darn thing alone and be happy with it being EXACTLY how it came out of the SAI Factory?  


Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Recommendations?



2008 BJ Shelby GT/SC - CSM#  08SGT2231

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I had an issue in January of 2023 where my serpentine belt blew. when it did it tore threw the cold air intake box for the Whipple on my GT/SC. I was informed by Shelby to contact Whipple. by the time I got around to it Whipple informed me they had sold the last of the Cold air intake boxes. I was able to rebuild the rubber flaps on my so it looks brand new again but this took some work.

Not sure what can be done now on the cold air box other than finding a refit from K&N or the likes

I must have picked something up while driving because even a couple of the pulleys were damaged .. never seen anything like it... 




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