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Add Supercharger to 2006 GT-H?

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I own H400 and love it but would like a little more horsepower.  Has anyone installed a supercharger on their GT-H?  If so do you think it detracts from the overall value of the car?  I am currently looking at this one: https://www.shelbystore.com/2005-2010-Shelby-GT-Kenne-Bell-2-6L-Supercharger-p/z16-she-kb-46-tss.htm.

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Have not been on the forum for some time so just seeing this post.  I had Shelby install a Shelby branded Paxton back in 2009 on 06H0050.  For what its worth, it is now registered as a Shelby GT-H/SC in the registry.   424 rwhp, I went with the Paxton because thats what Shelby and owners were installing back in 66.  The centrifugal SC is a little old school by todays standard I guess but I am happy with it.  I believe the Paxton is no longer available through Shelby.  It was a very short window of availability.  Enjoy the car.



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